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Second Line & Benefit Concert

Saturday, September 1, 2012 | 3-5 pm

Doors for Benefit Concert Open @ 6:30pm at the Jefferson Theater

On Saturday, September 1st, the Jefferson School African American Heritage Center, led by the grammy award winning New Orleans jazz band, the Rebirth Brass Band, will Second Line through the streets of Charlottesville. In our effort to diversify Charlottesville’s cultural offerings, this event is the first annual cultural event to be presented by JSAAHC. Later in the evening, The Rebirth Brass Band will headline a benefit concert at the Jefferson Theater, proceeds of which will go to support the Heritage Center’s public programs.

Some scholars believe that second lining has its origins in traditional West African circle dances, where children formed a periphery circle outside the main circle of adult dancers. The dance was brought by slaves to New Orleans, where it became incorporated into processions, such as funerals, forcing the ring to straighten into a line.

When a brass band really starts kicking in and… the second liners get down with the groove, dancing for all they’re worth, it’s almost as if the parade becomes a single entity. From afar, it looks like a human locomotive rushing by. In the middle, one can become lost in time and space, swept up in the rhythms and joyfulness.–Jazztimes

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Rebirth Brass Band

Simply put, The Rebirth Brass Band is a New Orleans institution. Formed in 1983 by the now infamous Frazier brothers, the band has evolved from playing the streets of the French Quarter to playing festivals and stages all over the world.

Rebirth is committed to upholding the tradition of brass bands while at the same time incorporating modern music into their show. Their signature brand of brass funk has won over several generations of music lovers, and in a post-Katrina world, their name and music have become the soundtrack to their musically rich hometown. In the wake of the sometimes-stringent competition amongst brass bands, Rebirth is the undisputed leader of the pack, and they show no signs of slowing down.

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