The Alumni Room at JSAAHC

Coffee Bar and Museum Shop

Hours Tuesday- Friday, 10 am – 2pm

Charlottesville’s newest coffee bar and museum shop is located on the 2nd floor on the southeast end of the Jefferson School. It is most easily accessed  through the Center’s Commerce Street entrance.  In the coffee bar we serve Shenandoah Joe coffee and Albemarle Baking Company snacks. In the museum shop you can pick up exhibition catalogues or something created by one of our featured artists.

Download our menu https://indd.adobe.com/view/ffe8480e-ee64-46bc-a16b-2a4ab4e550bd

  • Enjoy our summer cold brewed iced coffee!


Events in the Alumni Room:

Reading the Black Intellectual: Angela Davis

September 16, October, 14 November 18 | 10 am



Meet our featured artist:

Theresa Woodfolk

twoodfolkTheresa Woodfolk is a folk artist and life-long resident  of Charlottesville, Va whose work reflects her deep family history in the area.  Her first foray as a folk artist came when she and her sister Joan, began crafting  note cards that were derived from needle point. These award-winning cards were sold at craft fairs, in stores and through a catalog featuring African American arts and crafts. That success gave Theresa the confidence to branch out to produce her current collection made from worn cow fencing.  While out walking, Woodfolk spotted a pile of old farm field fencing. The owner was gracious enough to give her as much as she could carry. Using the wood as her base, she combines found objects including buttons, hair, sticks, swatches of cloth, acrylic paint and nail polish, to create works that  depict childhood memories, family photo albums, and oral histories.